A Batch of KOSUN D450L Centrifuges were Sent to North Africa Again

Aug 26, 2015

Recently, four customized KOSUN D450L centrifuges purchased by a European drilling mud service company for drilling waste management in North Africa have been sent to the drilling site. This is the second time for the customer to purchase these four D450L centrifuges after his previous order of 12 sets of D450L, which proves the satisfactory performance of KOSUN D450L and that the customer has recognized the equipment. Both sides have reached a long-term strategic partnership.

Centrifuge Field Assembly I
The cooperation between KOSUN and this European drilling mud service company dates back to 2012 when the customer paid close attention to KOSUN drilling waste management equipment. In the last three years, the customer has constantly bought KOSUN decanter centrifuges, vertical centrifuges and Hi-G dryers. Two different batches of D450L centrifuges are the same kind of product and are customized according to the requirements of the customer and the site after repeated investigations on site and factory by engineers from both sides. This batch of centrifuges has the following characteristics:

Centrifuge Field Assembly II
All meet European standards and CE certification requirements, with ATEX certificates for all electrical components;
The bowl is 450mm in diameter and 1000mm in length;
Safety devices include limit switch, torque overload protector, vibration sensor, etc.;
Conveyor adopts hard alloy empiecements.
During over three years of cooperation, KOSUN drilling waste management equipment quality has been greatly enhanced through continuous improvement and can be comparable with those of world-famous brands, which marks the occupation of KOSUN drilling waste management equipment on the international market.