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    Application of Drilling Fluid Mud Cleaner

    KOSUN MD series high effective oilfield drilling fluids mud cleaner is the second or third stage drilling fluids solids control equipment in drilling fluids recycling system.This oil drilling fluids cleaner will handle the solids particle after being treated by the first grade separation equipment. The barite will be recovered and cuttings which are bigger than barite will be removed. Then the cuttings in the underflow will flow into circulation mud tanks through the screens of the oilfield drilling mud conditioner when the weighted mud passes while the particles that are bigger than mesh will be removed.

    Features & Benefits of Drilling Fluid Mud Cleaner

    1. Polyurethane (PU) Material, high-chromium cast iron or ceramic for desander and desilter cones.

    2. Desander cones can be installed between one and three 10"desander cones, each cone can process 500GPM and makes a separation between 45 and 75 microns.

    3. Desilter cones can be installed between eight and twenty 4"or 5"desilter cones ,each cone can process 80 GPM, and makes a separation between 15 and 45 microns.

    4. Mechanical Deck Adjustable while operation for reliable performance.

    5. Compact design with small footprint, with top feed and weir feed two option.

    6. Hook-strip shaker screen for fast screens changing with PWP and PMD screens.

    KOSUN is a professional drilling mud cleaner supplier and manufacturer in China oil and gas drilling fluid solids control industry.As the pioneer in solids control industry,KOSUN is capable of providing customers with series products ,such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment.

    The products we can provide except mud cleaner for oilfield and drilling fluid processing system including drilling mud shale shaker,desander, desilter,drilling fluids decanter centrifuge,vacuum degasser,mud tanks,mud gun,mud agitator,drilling mud centrifugal pumps and all the other solids control equipment,complete solids control system,etc.


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