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    Application of Ignition Device

    KOSUN electronic ignition device for relief combustible gas is a device used in refinery and natural gas gathering station to deal the tail gas and relief natural gas. Ignition-device is a safe environmental equipment as it can remove the danger brought by the relief combustible gas to the environment.

    Feature and Benefits of Ignition Device

    KOSUN electronic portfire mainly consists of DN200 (or DN150) gas burner (torch), GDH-2 electric flame igniter, priming apparatus (such as liquefied gas pot, and hose, etc.),and drilling liquid gas separator (to be matched for drilling engineering).

    KOSUN electronic drilling ignition device has a stable performance and reliable operating with excellent electric ignition circuit, main components of high quality.

    KOSUN is a professional ignition-device supplier and manufacturer in China oil drilling mud solids control industry.As the pioneer in this industry,KOSUN is capable of providing customers with series products ,such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment.

    The products we can provide for oilfield and drilling mud purification system including drilling mud shale shaker,drilling fluid mud cleaner,desander, desilter,drilling fluids decanter centrifuge,vacuum degasser,mud tanks,mud gun,mud agitator,drilling mud centrifugal pumps and all the other solids control equipment,complete solids control system,etc.


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