A Batch of KOSUN Wearing Parts and Accessories were Shipped to Latin America

Jul 15, 2015

In the near future, KOSUN has shipped many batches of wearing parts and accessories of solids control equipment, such as shale shaker screens and cyclones, to a regular customer in Latin America.

Shale Shaker Screens Ready for Shipment to Latin America
The customer purchased a batch of MD210 mud cleaners from KOSUN in 2012 and has successively bought related accessories of this batch of equipment for replacement from KOSUN in 2015.

Accessories of Mud Cleaners Ready for Shipment I
MD210 mud cleaner is a kind of typical equipment of KOSUN, and since launching it on the market, KOSUN has provided hundreds of the equipment in total for customers in Latin America, North America, all-Russia regions and Southeast Asia. MD210 mud cleaner is equipped with KOSUN LS703 shale shaker as its underflow shaker, 10” desander cyclones and 4” desilter cyclones, and is highly praised by customers for its stable working performance and durability.

Accessories of Mud Cleaners Ready for Shipment II
KOSUN drilling mud cleaners possess the following features and benefits:
1. Both desander and desilter cyclones adopt wear-resistant materials, such as polyurethane, high chromium cast iron, ceramic, etc.
2. Desander is equipped with 1~3 10” or 12” cyclones and can separate particles of 45~74μm.
3. Desilter is equipped with 8~20 4” or 5” cyclones and can separate particles of 15~44μm.
4. Its screen frame tilt angle can be adjusted while operating, and it is featured by reliable performance, compact design and small footprint.
5. Hook strip screens can be rapidly replaced with flat or pyramid ones.
The customer expresses his intention to continue to purchase KOSUN MD106 mud cleaners while ordering the wearing parts and accessories this time, and we both sides are communicating about the order quantity and prices.
As the market influence of KOSUN is increasingly enhanced in Latin America, more and more users have further understanding and comprehension on KOSUN Brand, and a growing number of business partners are seeking for cooperation with KOSUN.
Please visit www.kosun.com for more information on KOSUN solids control equipment.