Choose the KOSUN Is Your Best Choice!

Jul 29, 2015

In the past few days, tens of D450L decanter centrifuges purchased by an Omani drilling company in the Middle East Market were smoothly sent out according to the time as agreed with the customer. It’s worth mentioning that this is the second time for the customer to choose KOSUN Brand in recent three years and when communicating with KOSUN business personnel, the customer expresses his trust in KOSUN products. The customer once spoke highly of KOSUN: it’s correct to choose KOSUN!

KOSUN decanter centrifuges are being delivered
The drilling company has been understanding KOSUN Brand since 2011 and purchased a batch of KOSUN D450L centrifuges in 2012. The customer expands his drilling regions, requiring more solids control equipment, especially decanter centrifuges. So, the customer proactively inquires KOSUN and still wants to purchase KOSUN products again. KOSUN business personnel recommends D450L decanter centrifuge, an improved model with a low base and safety devices, to the customer. The customer is very interested in this model and finally places an order with KOSUN through both sides’ negotiation.

KOSUN D450L Decanter Centrifuge
KOSUN D450L decanter centrifuge is equipped with many humanized devices, such as limit switch, travel switch, equipment running timer, emergency stop device and vibration sensor, and is more convenient and safer for operators, for which more and more customers purchase this model.
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