Drilling Waste Management System of KOSUN Showed the Significant Treatment Effect

Oct 09, 2015

During its two-month application process in Wushen County, Inner Mongolia, KOSUN drilling waste management equipment runs stably and efficiently, facilitating the oilfield exploitation of drilling equipment. Since the equipment was successfully debugged two months ago, KOSUN drilling waste management system has had a remarkable performance and the specific gravity of mud treated by it has been not more than 1.03 both in debugging process and in service process in oilfield. The customer is fairly satisfied with the result, and speaks highly of the products of KOSUN and establishes long-term cooperation with KOSUN.
A few days ago, KOSUN Oilfield Service Team in Wushen County sent a video of equipment operation. In the video, we can clearly see the very dry solids treated by KOSUN drilling waste management equipment. Through the on-site specific gravity test, the specific gravity of treated mud is ≤1.03, which KOSUN People are gratified at and are proud of. It’s KOSUN’s mission to maintain clear water and blue sky. We all live under the same blue sky, so we make a commitment to the environment-friendly life: take resources from nature and repay it with cleanliness.

Equipment Field Operation