KOSUN oil-base mud drilling waste treatment systems are sold to the Kelamayi, xinjiang clients.

Jul 23, 2019

 KOSUN as domestic famous professional solid-liquid separation solutions provider, with the oil drilling mud solid control system project for many years of experience, according to a high standard configuration and customer requirements design and manufacture of sludge treatment system, division of and a batch of oil-base mud drilling waste treatment systems are sold to the Kelamayi, xinjiang clients.

The core equipment of this drilling waste treatment system includes: Under the high speed frequency conversion centrifuges, drilling cuttings dryer, liquid slurry pump, screw conveyor, integration device prizing cans, horizontal mixer, electric system, sitting room and integrated explosion-proof cabinet and so on, has a large capacity of continuous feeding device, high efficient solid-liquid separation, effective recovery of oil-base mud in the drilling cuttings, greatly reduce solid phase emissions, oil-based mud treatment system easy to operate, safe and reliable, after processing of solid phase oil content can reach below 5%, realizing the mud landing site requirements, reducing oil-base mud drilling cost and the cost of waste disposal, and can meet the national requirement for environmental protection.

With the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cutting processing, the emergence of drilling waste purification system, not only can very good to solve the environmental problems, at the same time to the waste of the solid control system to produce secondary recycling, can maximize reserve the mud swimming, at the same time again after processing of drilling cuttings concentration of curing processing, reduce the field work for the destruction of the environment.