Xi 'an KOSUN's KD series shield slurry separation system is a modular system.

May 29, 2019

Xi 'an KOSUN's KD series shield slurry separation system is a modular system designed to deal with various slurry used in common shield construction techniques.
slurry separation system

After years of experience in design, production and application, xi 'an KOSUN's slurry separation system has demonstrated excellent performance in many fields, including shield tunneling, pipe jacking, drilling, piling and continuous wall engineering. According to the different requirements of customers and the construction situation on site, xi 'an KOSUN gives full play to its own advantages and uses the characteristics of modular combination to configure complete sets of slurry separation system to meet the operation requirements in various construction environments.
slurry separation system

Features of KOSUN's slurry separation system:

1. Optimized mud treatment of micro shield tunneling;

2. The separation procedure is stable and reliable;

3. Simple operation and easy assembly;

4. Capable of handling slurry containing high solid phase;

5. Have adjustable screen system;

6. Double-layer vibrating screen with high exciting force;

7. In various complex construction sites, the cyclones in the system have good treatment effects;

8. Wear-resisting pump set in the system, with high working efficiency and long service life.
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