KOSUN Drilling Waste Treatment System about“Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste”Passing Test at an Oilfield in Xinjiang

Sep 17, 2015

On August 27, 2015, KOSUN drilling waste management system formally entered an oilfield in Xinjiang and began to accept the test from September. This time, KOSUN puts two sets of Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste treatment systems into test. Through a two-week test, the drilling cuttings and fluids treated by such systems achieved “Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste”, effectively reducing the discharge amount of drilling waste. The separated fluids were recycled, and the solids were uniformly stored and transported for centralized treatment, greatly reducing the pollution of drilling mud to soil environment at well site.

Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste Treatment System Entering a Xinjiang Oilfield

 Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste Treatment System

 Field Operation

KOSUN Service Team
KOSUN dispatched five professional service engineers stationed at the oilfield to ensure success implementation of the project. In the half of the month, KOSUN team kept guarding on the site, regularly inspecting equipment operation and providing maintenance on equipment. The Zero Discharge of Drilling Waste treatment systems run well, with remarkable solids treatment effect after on-site classification, being highly appraised by customers and the oilfield company.By virtue of abundant capital, professional research and development team, scientific and exquisite technology, as well as perfect service spirit, KOSUN has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign markets, and gradually become a world-famous superior provider of drilling waste management equipment and systems.