KOSUN Helps Improve a New Round of Urban Renovation of South Africa

Feb 05, 2016

At end of January 2016, KOSUN completed the KSMR-250 HDD mud recycling system and delivered it to Johannesburg of South Africa from its factory in Xi’an, China. Comprehensive technical indicators of KOSUN KSMR-250 system are highly recognized by the HDD engineering contractors in South Africa. With capacity of 250GPM, this mud recycling system will be used together with American Augers DD-10 horizontal directional drilling machine in HDD urban pipeline construction in Johannesburg.

SMR-250 mud recycling system is independently designed by KOSUN. The whole system consists of the following equipment: one 5m³ mud tank, one KSLS2-752 double-deck shale shaker specially used for HDD engineering, four 4” desilting cyclones, one mixing hopper and two 3x4 sand pumps. The mud recycling system features compact structure and reasonable arrangement, integrating mud purification, circulation and mixing.
KOSUN can offer various HDD mud recycling systems ranging from 200GPM to 1000GPM to customers worldwide, and can also provide customized products as per the customers’ specific demands, to meet different field treatment requirements.
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