KOSUN SJ20 drilling waste disposal system was successfully sent to the project site in Russia.

Sep 29, 2019

Recently, a drilling waste disposal system produced by KOSUN has been completed and successfully sent to the project site in Russia.

This set of system is a drilling waste disposal system integrating mechanical and electrical control. The system is mainly composed of skid-mounted tank, KOSUN vc-800 dryer, centrifuge, screw pump, mud agitator and electrical control system. Drilling waste after dealing with the dryer, solid emissions, liquid mud into the skid tank, then screw pump suction skid tank mud to centrifuges, centrifuge processed solid emissions, liquid mud output directly use, thanks to this system focus on important design features of process, can be mud classification processing, at the same time can also to mixed with mud.

KOSUN vc-800 cuttings dryer used in the system is a continuous sieve centrifuge, which can automatically control the feed and is used for solid-liquid separation. The cuttings dryer is used to recover liquid drilling fluid from cuttings. By applying a high centrifugal acceleration force to the cuttings, it can improve the effect of separating liquid from cuttings. By further purification can be returned in the use of expensive liquid mud system, to reduce the amount of the scene of the drilling waste and the cost of processing, cuttings dryer system recycled loss of mud, and returns it to the reoccupy mud system, for diesel oil, mineral oil and synthetic oil mud, the recycling system can work well, the effect is remarkable.