KOSUN were Sent Several Batches Equipment Accessories to India

Aug 27, 2015

In these days, KOSUN has completed screens of LS703 shale shakers and accessories of mud pumps and is conducting quality inspection on them for packing and shipment.
This time, the customer makes a centralized purchasing of the largest number of accessories after he purchased KOSUN shale shakers and centrifugal pumps in March 2015. According to the customer’s feedback on KOSUN equipment purchased before and demand for accessories, KOSUN actively prepares the production, reasonably arranges the delivery time and manufactures them by batches in an orderly way according to different models and requirements. Now, KOSUN has completed the production within the expected time and is about to transport them to the Port of Tianjin for shipment.
KOSUN provides customers with both equipment of high performance-price ratio and supporting services of equipment assembly, debugging and maintenance. Considering the needs for accessories during the future operation of equipment, KOSUN offers equipment components and parts covering a period of time when delivery, supplies customers with replacement instructions on wearing parts and makes them feel our corporate development idea of More Than Customized.
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