The mud agitator is a device of forced convection and uniform mixing of liquid and gas medium.

Aug 27, 2019

The mud agitator is a device of forced convection and uniform mixing of liquid and gas medium. The type, size and speed of agitator all affect the distribution of agitator power between overall flow and turbulence pulsation. Generally speaking. The power distribution of turbine agitator is beneficial to turbulence pulsation.
Turbine agitator is a widely used mud agitator, which can effectively complete almost all mixing operations, and can handle a wide range of viscosity fluid. The MA series mud agitator produced by Xi 'an KOSUN is an important equipment of drilling fluid tank solid control system, which is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, preventing solid particles from settling in the circulation process, and making the drilling fluid mixing uniform and stable.
Turbine agitator currently in use, turbine worm direct drive. Worm gear worm transmission structure is simple, variable speed ratio, high reliability, widely used in mud agitator. According to the relevant information and long-term experience in the field, the transmission structure design of mud agitator adopts the worm wheel and worm belt transmission structure commonly used in China, the motor is placed horizontally, easy to install, adjust and replace.

Basic features of MA series mud agitators produced by Xi 'an KOSUN:
1. Circular cylindrical worm reducer is adopted. The shaft section is circular arc-shaped cylindrical worm.
2. The reducer is combined with explosion-proof motor, which is easy to maintain and suitable for use under harsh working conditions in the field;
3. High stirring strength, wide coverage, and reduced the starting resistance moment;
4. Various gear box and blade combinations can meet most requirements;
5. Can design and produce appropriate shear force according to needs;
6. The mud agitator helps cool the drilling fluid by exposing more fluid to the atmosphere.