Application of decanter centrifuge in piling slurry treatment

Dec 24, 2020

KOSUN decanter centrifuge can process the slurry into dry mud and clean water at the construction site, so that the water can be recycled. The decanter centrifuge is a new generation of mud solidification treatment equipment. Therefore, the mud solidification treatment equipment has been widely used in various civil engineering projects in recent years and has been listed as an ideal solid-liquid separation equipment.

decanter centrifuge in piling slurry treatment
Technical characteristics of KOSUN decanter centrifuge:
1. The single machine has large processing capacity, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and less floor space.
2. Adopt involute planetary gear differential, with large transmission ratio and high precision.
3. The main bearings are imported bearings, which have high reliability and long operating life.
4. The whole machine is equipped with multiple safety overload protection devices to ensure safe and reliable use.
5. The whole machine is equipped with ordinary and explosion-proof electric control systems to adapt to different working conditions.
6. The parts in contact with materials are all made of high-quality stainless steel, and important parts are forged.
The slurry produced during construction is a kind of suspension with a certain viscosity and high concentration, and it is difficult to stratify even after standing for a long time. The treatment of slurry produced during construction has always been a problem that plagues engineering construction. It is ideal to realize the centralized treatment of slurry on the spot. Mud, sludge, slurry solidification treatment equipment, KOSUN slurry separation equipment with small area, can work in the field, can also move with the construction team, also suitable for various projects, sand washing, mineral processing, drilling, piling and other mud treatment.

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