The slurry separation system of KOSUN has shown good performance in many places at home and abroad.

Jul 02, 2019

After decades of experience in design, production and application, the slurry separation system of KOSUN has shown good performance in many places at home and abroad. It is widely used in shield tunneling, pipe jacking, drilling and perfusion engineering, pile driving and diaphragm wall engineering.
KOSUN black rhino brand KD series slurry separation system mainly consists of four parts: shale shaker, desander hydrocyclone, gravel pump and conical tank. Shale shaker has a coarse mesh and fine mesh screen, coarse mesh can get rid of the mud in the rough particles of slag, and vibrating screen desander hydrocyclone fine-mesh sieve to remove small particles of sand.

The closed circulation purification method of mud and lower slag water content are beneficial to reduce environmental pollution.
The system is anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, with long service life and low failure rate, can be applied to a variety of harsh conditions.
KOSUN KD-500 shield slurry treatment system is a modular structure design system. This system is designed for mud purification in the construction project of medium mud and water balance shield. Model KD-500 system is composed of coarse shale shaker module, desander module and desilter module, coarse vibrating screen module is equipped with coarse screen for removing large particles, sand removing module is equipped with two desander hydrocyclones, desilter module is equipped with six desilter hydrocyclones, double layer screen is equipped with bottom flow screen for sand removing and mud removing cyclones.

The adjustable shale shaker excitation force, screen surface angle and screen hole size, etc. of the KOSUN KD-200 shield sludge treatment system can meet the requirements of different treatment quantities through different module combinations. And can set up KD100-200 different types of slurry treatment system according to customer requirements.