Analysis of Common Faults of Oilfield Drilling Equipment

Jan 30, 2023

(1) The design is not perfect.
The incomplete or unreasonable design of oilfield drilling equipment will make the processing and use of materials unable to fully meet the exact requirements of oilfield drilling equipment in the process of producing products, resulting in a significant gap between actual production and expected production. Excessive pressure during the operation of the equipment will cause safety accidents between parts due to hardness problems. At present, the use of unsafe materials in the design process also leads to the improvement of safety hazards to a certain extent. Specific design problems are often manifested as unrealistic selection of product component materials and unreasonable processing methods.
(2) Raw materials are not up to standard.
The quality of equipment components does not meet technical standards, which makes the production process of products a potential safety hazard. There are certain defects in the heat treatment of raw materials, which leads to safety hazards in the production process, and the main reason is that the selection of raw materials is not up to standard.
(3) Defects in process production.
In the process of oilfield drilling equipment, every detail of the production process determines the safety of the specific oilfield drilling equipment and the possibility of successful product production. The control and strict requirements for each production process are conducive to improving the safety of production.
(4) Problems during operation.
During the operation of oilfield drilling equipment, the attention and maintenance of specific problems is an important guarantee to ensure the safety of oilfield drilling equipment. The specific details include excessive temperature, particle leakage, electrical and water leakage, improper maintenance, etc. The improvement of such problems will help improve the safety of equipment operation.

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