Benefit analysis of using KOSUN waste drilling mud treatment system

Jul 25, 2023

Benefit analysis of using KOSUN waste drilling mud treatment system
(1) Environmental benefits:
When the waste drilling mud treatment technology from KOSUN is employed in an oil well, monitoring the inflow and outflow concentrations reveals that the drilling wastewater after solid-liquid separation undergoes a process combining composite filtration, precision filtration, and two-stage reverse osmosis to remove pollutants from the water. The treated wastewater meets the water quality criteria specified in the "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard" Level II, complying with national environmental protection standards.
(2) Economic benefits:
By comparing the environmental treatment costs of waste drilling waste among different oil fields in China, it is evident that the cost of using the waste drilling mud in-drilling treatment technology is generally lower than the cost of solidification, transportation, and burial treatment. While some solidification costs may be lower than the in-drilling treatment cost, they do not account for the wastewater treatment process, and both the wastewater and mud cake fail to meet the standards. Additionally, solid waste takes up a large area, and there remains an environmental pollution risk. On the other hand, using the waste drilling mud in-drilling treatment technology ensures that the treated wastewater meets discharge standards and can be recycled for use by the drilling team and equipment. The separated mud cake also meets the corresponding national standard requirements, significantly reducing environmental risks and providing notable economic benefits.
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