Biological treatment technology of drilling waste

Nov 29, 2021

As the country has increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, solving the pollution problem of drilling waste has become the top priority of environmental protection in the petroleum industry. In the process of petroleum exploration and production, a large amount of waste well fluids and drill cuttings will be generated with the characteristics of high drilling viscosity, high water content, and difficulty in dehydration. These wastes are stored in the well site storage pool. Drilling wastes mainly include drilling fluid, waste fluid and drill cuttings.
At present, domestic and foreign drilling waste treatment methods mainly include chemical and physical methods such as chemical flocculation, solidification, washing, incineration, destabilization, and landfill. After chemical flocculation treatment, it can be directly discharged in accordance with environmental protection requirements, or be recycled to prepare mud, or injected into wells, but it lacks efficient and economical flocculants, and the harmful substances after chemical solidification are no longer diffused and migrated to the environment. The solidification treatment requires a certain cost, and the amount of one-time treatment is large. The landfill method has an adverse effect on the surface water and its irradiated soil. The incineration method has a high treatment cost and will cause secondary pollution to the air. Although these methods have processed the drilling waste mud to a certain extent, the organic pollutants in the drilling waste mud have not been decomposed and may still pollute the environment.
Biological treatment method has received widespread attention due to its advantages of energy saving, low investment and low operating cost. Our country's research in this area is still in its infancy. The use of microorganisms can degrade most organic compounds into inorganic substances, so it is of great practical significance to apply biological treatment technology to the treatment of drilling waste.

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