Classification and structural advantages of drilling mud vacuum degasser

Nov 27, 2021

The drilling mud vacuum degasser is a new type of solids control equipment for processing the intrusive gas in the drilling fluid according to the requirements of modern drilling. A new type of large capacity degasser designed for mud purification systems. The vacuum degasser uses compulsory measures to separate gases (CH4, H2S, etc.) from the gas intrusion drilling fluid, which can stabilize the drilling fluid, specific gravity, viscosity, stable drilling fluid performance.

drilling fluid vacuum degasser
Classification of drilling mud vacuum degasser:
1. Vacuum degasser: Its working principle is to suck the drilling fluid with a vacuum pump, separate the gas after flocculation through the membrane, and then pump it away by the vacuum pump. This type of degasser works well, but it is larger and bulkier.
2. Atmospheric degasser: The main components are composed of a centrifugal pump and a spray tank. The gas intrusion drilling fluid is sent to the jet tank by a centrifugal pump, and a high-speed thin layer is formed in the tank and thrown to the inner wall of the tank to promote gas rupture, separation, and discharge. The volume is small and the effect is good.
3. Centrifugal degasser: It is composed of motor, air extractor, reduction box, etc. It is a relatively new equipment to separate the gas by the principle of centrifugal separation of drilling fluid.
Structural advantages of drilling fluid vacuum degasser:
1. Use the suction of the vacuum pump to make the mud enter the vacuum tank, and use it to draw the gas out of the vacuum tank. The vacuum pump plays two different roles here.
2. The water ring vacuum pump is always in an isothermal state during the working process, which is suitable for the suction of flammable and explosive gas, and has reliable safety performance.

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