Introduction of KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment System

Apr 14, 2023

The composition of oily sludge is extremely complex. It is mainly composed of electroporated oil, water, and solid floating matter related. Oily sludge has small particles, floc-like, high water content and huge volume, so it is not easy to achieve three-phase separation of oil-water-sludge. The water content of oily sludge in most oilfields in our country is generally 70%~99%, the content of oil and salt components is high, and it contains heavy metals and other harmful impurities; refinery sludge also contains a large amount of benzene series, phenols, pyrene, Anthracene and other toxic substances.
The direct discharge of oily sludge will occupy a lot of land, and the toxic substances it contains will pollute water, soil and air, and deteriorate the ecological environment. When it is directly used for re-injection and circulating in the sewage treatment system, it will cause the water quality of the injected water to deteriorate and the operating conditions of the sewage treatment system to deteriorate, causing unpredictable losses to production; at the same time, a large amount of oil resources are wasted. Whether it is from the perspective of environmental protection, maintenance of normal production or energy recovery, it is necessary to carry out harmless and resourceful treatment of oily sludge.
The oily sludge treatment technology is particularly important. The oily sludge treatment is based on the principles of reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness. Although there are many treatment methods at present, the most promising one is KOSUN's oily sludge treatment system. The basic principle of the mud zero discharge technology is that after dilution-flocculation-separation one step, the waste mud is turned into a part of rock, mud cake and water, and the cuttings can be recycled as paving materials through water washing, flocculation separation and chemical reaction. After the harmful substances and chloride ions in the mud are precipitated into the water, they are dehydrated by direct air adsorption or extrusion to make mud cakes, and a large number of organic and inorganic impurities contained in the water are discharged through pretreatment-reverse osmosis membrane treatment standard.

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