KOSUN CBM Drilling Mud Treatment System

Mar 08, 2023

Coalbed methane refers to the gas that is self-generated and stored in the coalbed, and its composition is mainly methane, so it is also called coalbed methane gas (CBM for short). CBM is a kind of clean energy and has great utilization value, especially under the severe situation of the current rapid development of international and domestic economy, increasing shortage of energy, environmental pressure and safe production of coal mines, the effective and rational exploitation of CBM is more urgent. In the process of exploration, development and utilization of coalbed methane, a large amount of drilling wastewater and drainage wastewater will be produced, and these wastewaters are characterized by high salinity and a large amount of suspended solids. Into the nearby area, it will cause changes in water quality within a certain range, affecting the local industrial and agricultural production and residents' lives; if it is directly injected back into the ground, the produced water with high salinity and high salinity will easily pollute the underground freshwater layer.
In order to solve the technical problems existing in the prior art, Kosun provides a new coalbed methane drilling sludge treatment system. The treated sludge is harmless. After the treated wastewater reaches the standard, it can be directly discharged or recycled. The technical scheme adopted by the utility model is as follows: a coalbed methane drilling sludge treatment system includes a mud tank, the feeding port of the mud tank is communicated with the drilling sludge pipeline, and the sludge discharge port of the sludge tank is connected to the stack through the pipeline. The sludge inlet of the screw machine is connected, and the sludge discharge port of the screw stacker is connected to the harmless treatment equipment through pipes. The water inlet is connected, the drain of the sewage tank is connected with the water inlet of the coagulation and sedimentation tank through the pipeline, the drain of the coagulation sedimentation tank is connected with the water inlet of the contact oxidation tank through the pipeline, and the drain of the contact oxidation tank is connected with the pipeline With the water inlet of the secondary sedimentation tank, the drainage outlet of the secondary sedimentation tank is connected with the water inlet of the filter through a pipeline.
All new units of KOSUN are assembled by skid-mounted type, which is convenient for transportation, flexible and reusable. By adding a small amount of sludge back into the coagulation-settler, the sedimentation rate of the sludge can be accelerated, the amount of coagulant added is reduced, the investment cost is reduced, and the operating cost of the subsequent raw materials is also reduced. The equipment of KOSUN conducts harmless treatment of the discharged sludge, and the treated water can be recycled or discharged. Welcome to consult the solutions and discuss the process.

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