KOSUN Drilling Mud Recovery System Applied to Mud Treatment of Horizontal Directional Crossing Project

Apr 19, 2023

In recent years, with the great development of directional crossing of pipelines, the large-scale construction of our country's oil and gas pipelines has continuously created new records in crossing length and crossing diameter. In the directional crossing project, the drilling mud plays a very important role, and it will directly determine the effect of the directional crossing project.
Directional traversal has high requirements on the performance of drilling mud. Drilling mud is a very important factor in directional traversal. Drilling mud is generally composed of water, bentonite and drilling mud additives. The composition ratio of drilling mud needs to be determined according to the Make appropriate adjustments to the actual situation of the project. If the geological conditions are complex and the crossing diameter and length are large, the performance requirements for drilling mud are relatively high, and different measures should be taken accordingly to ensure successful crossing.
KOSUN HDD mud recovery system can effectively process the mud in the horizontal directional crossing project, and carry out recycling and recycling for emission reduction and volume reduction, which greatly reduces construction costs and meets environmental protection requirements.
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