KOSUN water-based mud non-floor system process flow

May 10, 2023

The water-based mud non-floor system launched by KOSUN according to the characteristics of water-based mud has different system equipment configurations for different drilling projects, and its purpose is to treat it environmentally friendly through mechanical equipment.
KOSUN water-based mud non-floor system consists of shale shaker, vertical cutting dryer, filter press, screw conveyor, liquid storage tank, dosing device, electrical automatic control equipment, etc.
After the water-based mud is transported into the special water-based mud will not fall to the ground equipment, the large particles in the water are firstly treated by the screening device, and then the treated mud is again passed through the centrifugal equipment or filter press equipment to achieve muddy water Dehydration, the mud residue and mud water are separated through the filter press equipment, the mud residue is collected and stacked, and the clear water is returned to the field.
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