Main Technical Features of Drilling Waste Management System

Jun 15, 2023

KOSUN provide the full line of Drilling Waste Management System for  drilling, operators is able to run the closed loop mud circulation system to reduce the cost for drilling waste handling. KOSUN Drilling Waste Management System is a packages system for the drilling rig to dry the OBM, SBM or WBM drilling cuttings and recycling the drilling fluids after cleaning by the decanter centrifuge.

Drilling Waste Management System
The main technical features of Drilling Waste Management System are:
First, collect drilling waste mud and cuttings while drilling on site, replacing the traditional waste collection method of excavating mud pits;
Second, the separated waste mud (liquid phase) adopts the technical idea of "removing harmful and retaining useful", and uses "physical separation" as the main process to achieve mud regeneration treatment and reuse it on site for drilling ;
Third, the separated rock cuttings (solid phase) and other wastes are added to the targeted development of harmless and resource treatment agents to produce resource-based products on site and achieve harmlessness; its resource-based products Not only meets the requirements of the corresponding environmental protection technical indicators, but also meets the technical indicators of the resource products used as building materials, and the made building materials such as non-burning bricks and non-burning stones for paving roads.
The use of new technology for Drilling Waste Management System can effectively solve the problems of complex composition, high chroma, high COD, high toxicity, difficult treatment, large area, and risk of landfilling in deep mud drilling.

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