What are the technical advantages of KOSUN oil sludge treatment skid-mounted unit?

Aug 26, 2022

1. In the sludge deoiling stage, the separation effect can be achieved without adding chemical demulsifiers, surfactants and other chemicals, so the treatment cost can be greatly reduced and the secondary pollution caused by the addition of chemicals can be avoided. (Chemical demulsifiers usually need 80~400 yuan/ton of quenched and tempered materials).
2. The oil content of the mud cake after one-time separation is the first in the world to be less than 2%. (The oil content of the mud cake separated by the international traditional process is between 10 and 30%).
3. The equipment has a high output and can form industrialized mass production. At present, each set of skid-mounted equipment can be designed with a production capacity of 2~25 tons/hour, and the factory design capacity is 30~300 tons/hour.
4. High degree of automation, equipped with a central control system, which can realize PLC automation to control the whole process of production.
KOSUN oil sludge treatment skid-mounted unit consists of three modules: 1. Pretreatment module; 2. Oil-water separation module; 3. Sludge-water separation module.

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