What equipment does KOSUN HDD mud treatment system include?

May 10, 2023

The non-excavation horizontal directional crossing laying of underground pipelines can be widely used in laying oil, natural gas, tap water, electricity, communication, rain and sewage pipes, etc. across rivers, streets, highways, railways, buildings, etc. During the horizontal directional crossing, a large amount of mud will be produced, and the mud is mainly composed of water, bentonite, polymer, surfactant and so on.
So what to do with mud in orienteering? It is to use the mud circulation system or equipment treatment method. The so-called mud treatment system mainly includes: mud shaker, desander, desilter, micro desilter, desander cleaner, desilter cleaner, centrifuge and large circulating tank, etc., that is, according to the requirements of mud treatment, composed of a set of mud treatment, through the principle of step-by-step screening of mechanical equipment to achieve the separation of water and solid phase in the mud.
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