Good Quality can Withstand the Test of Time

Sep 23, 2015

Nowadays, a good news of KOSUN keeps pouring in from the Russian market. Just after completion the last batch of drilling fluid solids control system to be used in Russia, an order of another batch of solids control system has been placed in KOSUN.
This time, the order is placed by a regular customer of KOSUN in Russia, and eight years have gone by since the first cooperation between both sides in 2007. In the past eight years, polar low-temperature mud solids control systems successively provided by KOSUN have been always running well at oilfields in Russia. Both sides sign a purchase contract of polar low-temperature solid control system supporting 3000m drilling rig again this month, including LS703 shale shakers, MD210 mud cleaners, CP series centrifugal pumps, VD series vacuum degassers, etc. The system will be used at drilling blocks of Lukoil in Russia.
KOSUN is always bringing good user experience to customers by dint of its superb technology and excellent quality that serve as a significant foundation for pleasant cooperation between numerous Russian regular customers and KOSUN. KOSUN drilling mud treatment equipment runs well in polar cold regions in Russia, so KOSUN has become a popular brand on the Russian market.