The Features of Kosun Horizontal Bentonite Slurry Pump

Aug 07, 2023

Kosun drilling fluids centrifugal pumps are mainly used for transporting mud and sewage and can be used as mud supply for solid-liquid separation equipment, including desanders, desilters, centrifuges, filter presses, filters, etc.  It can also be used as a mixing pump for jet mixing and as a filling pump for replenishment pumps and mud pumps.
The design of the Kosun SB series centrifugal pump for the solids control system mainly has the following characteristics:
1.  High quality material:High wear-resistant hard alloy mechanical seal, long sealing life.
2.  Closed impeller structure: The impeller of the equipment adopts a closed structure design, which increases the strength of the impeller outlet, and the back cover of the impeller is equipped with back blades, which is conducive to improving the head of the pump and reducing the leakage.
3.  Higher flow and efficiency: the blade curve is more in line with the requirements of hydrodynamics, which improves the flow and efficiency of the equipment.
4.  Longer service life: The essential parts are made of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion materials, which are anti-wear and anti-corrosion, prolonging the service life of the equipment.
5.  Axial adjustment structure: The axial adjustment structure is adopted to facilitate the adjustment of the front and rear clearance of the impeller and improve the operating efficiency.
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