How does KOSUN Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer improve drilling mud efficiency?

Sep 14, 2023

Drilling fluid plays a vital role in oil and gas drilling because it helps cool and lubricate the drill bit, as well as remove cuttings from the wellbore.  Ensuring the proper density and viscosity of drilling fluids is critical to successful drilling operations.  This is where KOSUN's DJM series Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer come in handy.
KOSUN DJM series Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer is specially designed to prepare drilling fluid and change its density and viscosity.  With its advanced features and functionality, this mud mixer is a game changer for the industry.
One of the outstanding features of KOSUN Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer is their versatility.  It is available in two variants a single jet mixer combined with a sand pump and jet slurry hopper, or a double jet mixer consisting of two pumps and two hoppers.  This flexibility allows drillers to choose the configuration that best suits their specific drilling needs.
Weighing hoppers play a vital role in the mixing process.  It can be used in combination with the pump, or it can be used alone with the pump connected through the manifold valve.  This seamless integration ensures the efficient transfer of materials and additives into the drilling fluid, optimizing its performance.
The KOSUN Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer also simplifies the addition of drilling fluid materials and chemical additives.  Bentonite and barite powders as well as polymer additives can be easily introduced into the circulation tank.  By increasing the overall volume of material, the mixer ensures the consistency and balance of the drilling fluid.
In addition to superior functionality, the KOSUN DJM Series Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer are designed with efficiency in mind.  A powerful 45 kW (or 55 kW) sand pump ensures reliable flow for fast and efficient mixing of drilling fluids.  This saves valuable time during drilling operations and increases overall efficiency.
In conclusion, KOSUN DJM series Drilling Fluid Jet Mud Mixer is a reliable and efficient tool for the oil and gas drilling industry.  With its versatile configuration, seamless integration, and powerful pump, it enhances the efficiency and performance of drilling fluids.  Whether adjusting density, viscosity, or adding drilling material, this mud mixer is an invaluable asset to any drilling operation.  It is believed that KOSUN Machinery can provide excellent solutions, optimize the drilling process and promote success.

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