Polyurethane Hydrocyclone site installation introduction

Nov 28, 2023

Polyurethane Hydrocyclone site installation introduction

1) Before installation, tighten all bolts symmetrically in the shape of a cross to avoid leakage due to loosening of bolts during transportation.
2) The polyurethane hydrocyclone is hoisted separately and fixed on the support for use.
3) The polyurethane hydrocyclone belongs to the pressure vessel equipment, the installation of the unit must be firm and reliable, and the connection flange (or clamp) must be tight without leakage. In order to avoid leakage and accidents, the cyclone should be far from the switchboard or high voltage power supply installation.
4) When replacing parts, pay attention to the coaxiality requirements, so as to avoid the internal step phenomenon, reduce the classification effect or reduce the service life.
Note: No load should be applied to any part of the hydrocyclone (group) other than the lifting point specified for use during installation.
In typical cases, all the inner surfaces in contact with the liquid are lined with wear-resistant materials, so do not weld on the outer steel to avoid damaging the inner lining.